Go Paperless!

Paper Business Cards get wet, torn, or simply get lost in the drawer. 

There must be a better way to network and leave contact information, right? A way that simplifies the exchange of personal professional, and payment information?

UnoGreen Smart Business Cards help in exchanging personal, professional, and payment information through NFC technology, QR Code, and a Unique Profile URL. You can exchange your information with a tap, scan, or by just sending your unique profile URL.

Check our variants of UnoGreen Smart Business Cards and choose a card that matches your vibe.

Metal cards consisting of Steel Metal Cards, Black Metal Cards and Coloured Metal Cards

Experience the Unmatched Luxury and Prestige with Metal Cards

Crafted to perfection, these prestigious cards redefine networking like never before. Our metal cards are thick and heavy, exuding a sense of importance that leaves a lasting impression on anyone who receives them. With the NFC chip seamlessly embedded within, you can effortlessly share your contact information and digital content, setting the stage for memorable connections.

Unlike other metal cards in the market, which are thin, light, and have the NFC pasted on the surface, UnoGreen’s Metal Business Cards stand out with their exceptional quality and design.

Choose From 3 Variants: Black Metal, Steel and Color Metal Cards.

Choose from 3 Variants

Front sideBack Side

Black Metal

Front SideBack Side

Color Metal Cards

Front SideBack Side

Metal Business Cards

Elegant cards consisting of the Oceans Blue card, Elegant Card and Azure Cards

UnoGreen’s Luxury Cards – A Tailored Statement of Elegance

Experience the pinnacle of sophistication with UnoGreen’s Luxury Cards, where you can leave a personalized mark of distinction.

Choose From 2 Options

Black and Gold: The contrasting hues create a timeless and powerful design that instantly captivates attention.

Blue and Silver: The sleek interplay of blue and silver hues exudes a calming yet captivating aura.

Custom Branding with Name and Logo

Luxury Cards

Back SideFront

Black and Gold

Back SideFront

Blue and Silver

The Intelligent Choice for Modern Networking

Embrace the Future of Networking and Elevate Your Business with UnoGreen Smart Business Cards.

Enhanced Digital Connectivity

Instant sharing of contact information and dynamic content with a simple tap or scan.

Personalization with Branding

Showcase your brand’s identity and create a unique professional image.

Data Security and Privacy

Ensure the confidentiality of your business information with secure digital storage, safeguarding your data from loss or unauthorized access.

Technology you can count on

Brands who trust us

Card with your name

Premium Cards

Back SideFront


Back SideFront

Blue Skies

Back SideFront

Silver Glare

Back SideFront

Blue and Silver

Industry Specific Cards

Professional Cards

Back SideFront

Lawyer Card

Back SideFront

Chartered Accountant Card

Back SideFront

Doctor Card

Sophisticated Greetings Unveiled

Elegant Cards

Back SideFront

Cosmos Card

Back SideFront

Ocean Blue Card

Back SideFront

Azure Card

Back SideFront

Abstract Card

Back SideFront

Vibrant Card

Back SideFront

Elegant Card

A Friend for your Phone

Tap Mate

Black and Gold

Stary White

Social media geniuses

Influencer Cards

Back SideFront

Instagram Card

Back SideFront

Twitter Card

Back SideFront

Youtube Card

Features like…

Complete Customization

Customize your card with your Name, Logo and Even Designation.


For every card order we fulfill, we plant a sapling. Reduce Carbon Footprint for a greener earth!

Unique Profile

Get a unique Profile, URL and QR Code with every UnoGreen Smart Business Card.

No App Needed!

Your clients dont need to download an app to view your profile. Just tap or scan to view your profile!

Unlimited Taps

Tap or scan your UnoGreen Card whenever and wherever you can. Network Seamlessly!

Customer Support

Need help with the setup? Or want to know more about how to use the card? We are just a call away!


Does it work in every phone?

UnoGreen Smart Business Cards work with NFC-enabled smartphones. Most modern Android and iOS devices support NFC technology, but older models or specific devices may not have this capability. In case NFC technology is unavailable, you can always scan the QR code to exchange information.
To ensure compatibility, check if your phone has NFC functionality in its settings or consult your device manufacturer. For a list of compatible devices, click here to check our Compatible Devices pages.

Does it need any app/software?

No additional app or software is required to use UnoGreen Smart Business Cards.

Is it cloud-based?

Yes, UnoGreen Smart Business Cards utilize cloud-based technology to store and manage your contact information and digital content. This ensures that your details are readily accessible and easily shareable with others.

Is it hyperlinked?

Yes, UnoGreen Smart Business Cards support hyperlinks. You can attach hyperlinks to your website, portfolio, social media profiles, or any online content, making it convenient for recipients to access your digital presence with a simple tap.

How does the QR code work?

The QR code on UnoGreen Smart Business Cards contains your encoded contact information and digital content. When someone scans your QR code using their smartphone’s camera, it automatically opens your unique profile, providing a quick and easy way to exchange information.

What is the difference between all the cards; why is it priced differently?

UnoGreen offers various card options with multiple colors and branding options. The price differences are attributed to variations in materials, design complexity, and customization options. 

How long does it take to deliver?

Delivery times may vary depending on your location and the shipping method chosen. Typically, UnoGreen strives to process orders within 7-8 business days, and the estimated delivery time will be provided during the checkout process. 

Metal business cards can take upto 21 days to deliver.

Can we customize the fonts and colors?

Yes, you can. Contact us for more information.

Will the print on the cards wash off?

No, the print on UnoGreen Smart Business Cards is high-quality and durable. It won’t wash off or fade easily, ensuring your cards maintain a professional appearance throughout their lifespan.

How long does the card last for?

UnoGreen Smart Business Cards are designed to be long-lasting and durable. With proper care, they can withstand regular use for an extended period, making them a reliable investment for your networking needs.

If lost, do we have to pay again?

Yes, but we offer a discount on the second card. Contact us for more details.

How many times can we edit?

For the card, you can’t edit the content printed on the cards after the card is sent for printing. 
You can edit your UnoGreen Smart Business Card profile as many times as you like. 

If lost, how can we deactivate the card?

To deactivate your UnoGreen Smart Business Card if it is lost, please contact our customer support team immediately. We can help disable the NFC functionality on the card, ensuring that it cannot be used by anyone else.