About Us

About Us

UnoGreen Believes

Sustainability is about doing more good than harm on mother nature.

UnoGreen card is an innovative invention with a sustainable twist that believes in the potential of NFC technology to bring you the best digital and hassle free visiting cards.

We believe in taking care of mother nature by providing an alternative to traditional paper cards. One tap that takes you a step further in helping the environment.

Sankalptaru foundation – an IT enabled NGO

In addition to saving paper, with every card sold,
we also plant a sapling with the help of

that aims to increase greenery and heal mother nature.
Their primary principle is “planting trees for the people, by the people.”

Other Helping Hands
Are you looking for a friend to hold your hand and lead you towards your business?

Well you’ve found your friend in need. Echoboom provides advisory services related to business delivery, marketing, manpower planning, training and development.

Developing your skills to achieve your goals is an important part of your dream. Utilizing the time in hand in upgrading yourselves with the in-demand skill set is what the youth today must aim for! Skill Kulture is here to provide you with the best courses that will help you do just that and in turn fulfill your corporate dreams.

Brands & Clients That Trust Us
Brands & Clients That Trust Us
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