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Tap or Scan QR to Share Your Personal, Professional and Payments Details – Futuristic Networking for Ultra-Modern Professionals

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Data Privacy

Secure exchange of data for data privacy.

Regular Updates

Secure Networking with the latest technology.

Multiple Details. One Card.

Share as many as two phone numbers along with social media details, website, email, and photos. Easy and Secure Sharing.

Enhanced Contact Exchange Experience

NFC business cards go beyond contact information, allowing customization, interactivity, and brand promotion.

You can link your business cards to your websites, portfolios, social media profiles, or even personalized videos. By leveraging this interactivity, you can showcase your work, promote your brand, and create engaging connections.

  • Enhanced contact exchange with tap or QR scan
  • Interactive features for customization and branding
  • Leave a lasting impression in a crowded marketplace
  • Eco-friendly alternative to paper cards

With Just One Tap (Or Scan), You Can Share…

Personal, Professional and Payment Details…

  • Name, Designation, and Company
  • Email, Phone, Whatsapp and Address
  • Social Media Handles
  • Website and Location
  • Documents, Photo Gallery and About Us
UnoGreen Card = Mini-Website With Zero Maintainance

Brands That Trust UnoGreen

Technology You Can Count On

UnoGreen Smart Business Cards combine innovation, convenience, and sustainability.

This is why it is the number one choice of brands and modern professionals looking to leave a lasting impression in a digital world. 

Why Ditch Paper Business Cards and Switch To UnoGreen

Don’t Need to Print 1000 Cards

Instead of printing thousands of static paper business cards, get 1 UnoGreen Smart Business Card!

One Tap Multiple Details

Don’t limit the exchange of contact details to Name and Number – Share much more with UnoGreen.

Tap As Many Times as You Want

Everytime you meet someone, you don’t need to carry a bunch of paper business card. Just tap and network – Sophisticated and Elegant!


Customize your card as per your Brand Guidelines, Vibe or Personality!

Order Your UnoGreen Smart Business Card Today

Make a Lasting Impression

Unleash the Power of Smart Networking

No Toggling Between Apps

No app is required to edit or share your details on UnoGreen Smart Business Card. As seamless as it can get!

One Card to Rule Them All

Consolidate all your contact information in one convenient digital platform.

Grab Attention

Grab attention and spark curiosity with our innovative NFC business cards.

Time is Money

Exchange networking details without manually typing your contact information. 

Easy Access

Instantly access and share your information with a simple tap or scan.


Go green and reduce paper waste with our environmentally friendly cards.

About Us

Smart Business Card Experts

We are revolutionizing the way professionals connect and network. Our mission is to empower individuals with smart business cards that go beyond the traditional, providing a seamless and impactful experience. With our NFC technology, we offer interactive features, brand promotion, and eco-friendly solutions. By combining innovation, convenience, and sustainability, UnoGreen is the ultimate choice for modern professionals looking to leave a lasting impression in a digital world.

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How To Use UnoGreen Smart Business Cards

You Can Tap It

Tap your card on the receiver’s phone (Must be NFC enabled). The person will receive a notification. Click on the notification and your profile will open up.

Or Scan It

If the receiver’s phone does not have an NFC phone or hasn’t enabled it, you can even request them to scan the QR code from their phone camera. A notification will pop up, click on it and your smart profile will open.

And Save It!

The person receiving your contact details can save them on their phone as a Vcard. This will enable them to revisit your digital profile whenever they wish.


Our Customers

UnoGreen’s service is great. NFC-based technology has brought an end to the paper cards. UnoGreen NFC-based Smart Business Cards helps in sending the business details seamlessly to various people with a single TAP!

TR Gems

Life has become so much easier for me. One tap and you can give all your contacts with UnoGreen Smart Business Cards.

Sunita Golani

Malkish Jewels

While attending various meetings and seminars and meeting so many people at large, UnoGreen’s NFC-based Smart Business Cards helps to share all the business information with just a TAP!

Sashi Agarwal

Tatvi Interiors

When I came across these Paperless NFC-based Smart Business Cards by UnoGreen, I shifted immediately to these cards to save paper. I can now share all my business information to people with just a Tap without any time-consumption and hindrances.

Naresh Shahri

Purple Pani


What Is A Smart Business Card?
It is a business card that has an NFC (Near Field Communication) that allows direct and secure communication from your card to the mobile phone. You are able to share your contact details, website, pictures and payment details.
How Does UnoGreen Smart Business Card Work?

There are two ways to use UnoGreen Smart Business Card: 1. Simply tap your card on the back of the mobile of the person with whom you wish to share your details. 2. Allow them to scan the QR code on your card and they will receive your details seamlessly. As Simple As That!

Does It Work With Android Or Iphone?

Yes! It works with any mobile with an NFC feature. For networking through QR code, the mobile needs a camera.

Does UnoGreen Smart Business Card Require Any Special App?

Not at all! No app is needed to share or receive the information you wish to share.

How Many Times Can I Tap The Card? Are The Taps Limited?

You can tap and share your details as many times as you want.

How Many Cards Do I Need?

Just ONE! Unlike paper business cards, you don’t need multiple cards.

Do I Have To Renew My Card?

No. Once you buy the card, you will receive all the updates without any extra charge.

Experience the Future of Networking with UnoGreen

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